Welcome to our new President; Dr Roisin O’Hare

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists is pleased to announce Dr Roisin O’Hare as the new president. Roisin is the Leadof a Team of Teacher Practitioner Pharmacists across Northern Ireland, and has a wealth of experience and expertise in pharmacy training and education as well as employment and professional matters. She has worked as the Vice President for the last 2 years and on the Guild executive committee since 2008 as the Northern Ireland Regional Member and then as the Chair of Education and Development.

It is a historic presidency for Roisin, who is the first Northern Irish pharmacist to undertake this role. Roisin said ‘It is a great honour to become the president of this fantastic and important organisation. It is particularly special for me as my presidency will include the centenary of the formation of the Guild. I am keen that as an organisation we continue to promote the role of the pharmacist in the managed sector and influence national policy. It is an exciting time for pharmacists as recognition of our role and potential grows in all sectors, most notably in General Practice, and it is important that we support members in this changing landscape. I am particularly keen that we find new ways to engage with our members on a national and regional level to ensure we are representing them in the most effective way possible. I also want to note my thanks to Graeme Richardson for everything he has done as president over the last two years, and I am delighted that he is remaining on the executive as immediate past president. His experience and wisdom will be a great support to me and the rest of the committee.’   

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Provision of a new legal defence for Pharmacy professionals

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) welcomes progress in the provision of a new legal defence for Pharmacy professionals should an unintentional dispensing error be made, as debated on Monday in Parliament.

Unlike other health professionals, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are currently at risk of criminal prosecution for a strict liability offence when inadvertent human error happens in the course of their professional practice. This draft order, which is due to come into force in 2018, aligns Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who are working in registered pharmacies with other health professions. It supports increased reporting of errors, without the fear of prosecution, and allows for individual and shared learning from those mistakes, leading to improved patient safety.

Chair of the GHP Graeme Richardson said ‘An open culture is key to ensuring patient safety, and this Order encourages greater reporting of and therefore learning from errors.

‘Whilst we welcome this protection for people working in registered pharmacy premises, we would encourage the same protection to be afforded to staff working in non-registered premises including hospitals, care homes and prisons. We are aware plans are in place for a similar order to apply to those other non-registered settings and we hope this can be developed without delay to ensure our members are not unduly and unfairly exposed to the risk of criminal conviction any longer than is necessary’

GHP DRAFT RESPONSE to Consultation on revalidation for pharmacy professionals

The GHP have drafted a response to the GPhC Consultation on revalidation for pharmacy professionals. We are looking for our member’s views on this important consultation.

Please have a look at our response and get in touch with Ewan Maule if you have anything to add or you disagree.

Please contact Ewan Maule with your comments… ewan.maule@nhct.nhs.uk or Tweet us @GHPPharmacy

Consultation on revalidation for pharmacy professionals – GHP response