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Who are we?

We are a professional and trade union-backed membership organisation for pharmacists in the managed service, working for the NHS across the UK. The GHP is over 100 years old and has helped lead, shape, and grow pharmacy into where it is today.

Our mission:

The GHP represents more than 6,000 pharmacists in the NHS. Our purpose is to champion NHS and GP pharmacy teams, to campaign for professional development with terms and conditions in mind and to secure the best possible deals for our members.

We strive to protect and promote NHS pharmacists and give our members a voice now and in the future.

Our Objectives

  • Enhance the economic and social well-being of members, elevate their status, and safeguard their interests.
  • Advocate for members’ interests within the National Health Service, with other employers, and relevant health departments.
  • Promote the role of healthcare pharmacists in enhancing pharmaceutical services for patients’ benefit.
  • Collaborate with other professional groups in the Unite health sector to advance shared goals.
  • Contribute to the improvement of pharmaceutical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Engage in discussions on current healthcare issues.
    Foster partnerships with other pharmaceutical organisation
  • Cultivate relationships with healthcare organisations within and outside Unite.
  • Undertake activities authorised by the Guild National Professional Committee to advance member interests.

Links with Unite

The primary connections between NOPC and Unite are facilitated through specific individuals within Unite. This includes the Regional Officer responsible for GHP and the Lead Professional Officer for Health responsible for pharmacy.

At the local level, GHP representatives are encouraged to collaborate with their respective local Unite Health representatives or branches.

On a national scale, one of the two Joint-Chairs of the Terms and Conditions Committee attends the Unite National Industrial Sector Committee (NISC). Furthermore, the National Officer for Health is extended a standing invitation to NOPC meetings.


Full NOPC meetings occur every other month, while NOPC Executive meetings happen in the alternate months, also on a bi-monthly basis. These meetings are chaired by the GHP President. The agenda for each NOPC meeting is prepared by the Professional Secretary in collaboration with the President. Two face-to-face NOPC meetings occur annually, one coinciding with the Clinical Pharmacy Congress and the other with the Strategy Day. All other NOPC meetings and Executive meetings are conducted online.

For urgent matters, decisions are made by Executive members, possibly with input from all NOPC members via email or WhatsApp, depending on deadlines. Less pressing decisions are addressed during NOPC meetings involving all members. Committee chairs may make other decisions, informing NOPC at the subsequent meeting. Regional Members or representatives are authorized to make local decisions.

GHP Structure

Structure of the GHP – National Organising Professional Committee (NOPC)


Unite provides its members with many different services, all of which involve fighting for equality and diversity in the workplace. As well as offering representation at work, we strive to serve our members in a variety of situations, no matter their background or line of service. Together through your trade union representative, we help to enforce appropriate welfare rights and ensure adequate health and safety at work. We also help to ensure your needs are heard and met, and fight against injustices such as unfair benefit sanctions.
As well as this, we also provide our members with free debt advice, legal advice, financial advice and planning, and a number of union benefits like reduced rates on mortgages and insurance.

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