We (you, me, and all our patients) are on course for a global temperature rise which will see millions of people displaced, injured or dying through rising sea levels, starvation and disease by the end of this century.  The head of the UK environment agency has warned that in approximately 20 years, (by 2035), water shortages in the UK will pose a threat to life.

The health costs are projected to be extraordinary. The NHS is the largest public sector contributor to carbon emissions (25% pre COVID) which is 5.4% of total UK emissions.  Pharmacy as a department, as well as medicines and medicinal products, create waste and pollution.  The COVID pandemic and the relentless consumption of PPE has escalated this issue. We must strive towards reducing waste, and ultimately pollution, in order to increase sustainability both for our patients, and for global health. 

Sustainability Webinar Series

Sustainability Webinar Series – The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (

GHP Sustainability Strategy 2022

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists leadership team recognises the need to better understand the climate emergency and the impact of climate change in the UK and beyond. Join us and become more carbon literate. The materials can be found here:

‘The Climate Crisis is everyone’s responsibility and in reflection of how seriously the Guild Council members are taking the role of a sustainable approach to healthcare, we have all taken the first step, and started our journey towards Carbon Literacy. We hope that our actions will inspire our colleagues across the profession to join us in raising their own awareness of the impact of healthcare on the world we live in, so that we can work together to build a sustainable approach for the future’.

Dr. Roisin O’Hare (GHP President)

“Primum, non nocere” – First do no harm

The climate emergency is a fundamental threat to the economic, social and health wellbeing of humanity. Tackling this threat will require change at all levels, from the individual, the workplace, organisations and at a nation level. Trade Unions have a long history of campaigning for change – making our collective voice heard by employers and government alike. The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) recognizes that it has a moral obligation to support efforts to increase awareness, provide advocacy and support efforts to minimise the wider environmental impacts associated with both GHP, its members and the procurement and use of pharmaceuticals and associated products.

Read our sustainability strategy here.

We’re interested in working with our members to shape our strategy; we would love to hear from you; contact Barry and Min Na at

More about Barry and Min Na here.

Sustainable Pharmacy Practice

Read our latest statement on sustainable pharmacy practice here and view the latest practice research posters.

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