We (you, me, and all our patients) are on course for a global temperature rise which will see millions of people displaced, injured or dying through rising sea levels, starvation and disease by the end of this century.  The head of the UK environment agency has warned that in approximately 20 years, (by 2035), water shortages in the UK will pose a threat to life.

The health costs are projected to be extraordinary. The NHS is the largest public sector contributor to carbon emissions (25% pre COVID) which is 5.4% of total UK emissions.  Pharmacy as a department, as well as medicines and medicinal products, create waste and pollution.  The COVID pandemic and the relentless consumption of PPE has escalated this issue. We must strive towards reducing waste, and ultimately pollution, in order to increase sustainability both for our patients, and for global health. 

We would like you complete our short ANONYMOUS survey on sustainability to help us shape our next steps as an organisation representing you, our membership.  It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Chair of Sustainability – expression of interest

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) are led by a National Executive Committee made up of members from across the UK, representing regions, as well as a number of executive roles including the President, Vice President, Chair of Practice, Chair of Terms and Conditions, Chair of Education and Training and the Chair of Equality and Diversity.  These colleagues work to represent our members views at a local and national level, giving up their own time to support important issues affecting our profession.  As a committee, we are passionate about Climate Change, and what we, as an organisation and a profession can do to support this agenda of Sustainability.  To that end, we have identified a gap in our skill set, and hope to appoint someone to represent us and to guide the profession as our Chair of Sustainability.  If you’re interested in undertaking this important role then please complete this expression of interest. Deadline Sunday 29th August 2021.