Integrating equality, diversity and inclusion into our work as well as our workplaces

As an organisation, the GHP are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and being inclusive in all our work. We are also committed to supporting our members to ensure that they work in an environment where these values are truly honoured, lived and upheld. We believe that the diversity of our profession is an enormous strength, and that we should strive to ensure that each and every one of us are considered, heard and valued on an equal platform. We must all strive to make inclusivity and collaboration a part of our everyday practice, and to genuinely support all those not currently heard given every opportunity to be heard freely without prejudice. We have modeled our National Operating Professional Committee to reflect our principles.

As part of our own action plan, and in recognition of the week that we, as a profession, endorsed the Joint Inclusive Professional Pharmacy Practice Plan, we are delighted to share an Inclusivity Checklist to support existing Pharmacy Teams, groups and meetings.

Read our letter to members and our Inclusion and Diversity Action plan.

We welcome everyone’s support and help in engaging with our action plan as we move forward.

Rameez Nawaz's work on reciprocal mentoring  is another example of how we all can be more inclusive in our professional practice.  Watch his inspiring video.

Read our Statement on Integrating equality, diversity and inclusion into our work and our workplaces.

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