Equality and Diversity: Our Approach

Diversity in Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists’ Council

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) published an Equality, Inclusion and Diversity (EDI) plan in 2020 which saw the appointment of a Chair and Vice Chairs of EDI for GHP National Operating Professional Committee (NOPC). GHP strives to provide equal access and opportunities to all and developed a ‘Meeting Inclusivity Checklist’ that was cascaded to all GHP members. Using this checklist, GHP’s immediate past President Roisin O’Hare has successfully diversified its NOPC since the publication of its EDI strategy. GHP’s President Nathan Burley has continued to use this checklist when sitting in roundtable discussions or consultations to ensure voices from wider groups are heard.

Meet some of our NOPC members and click here for the full committee. Also, visit our Inclusion pages for more information on the work we are doing.

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