World Pharmacists Day

On the 25th September, the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) join with colleagues across the world in celebrating World Pharmacists Day.  

Working as a pharmacist is a rewarding and satisfying career, and there has never been greater recognition of your role and the importance of the profession of Pharmacy.  Pharmacy is leading the drive for Sustainability in medicines use and is helping the NHS to achieve net zero.

Overprescribing Reviews across the UK highlight how much work there is still to be done on prescribing systems and the culture of prescribing, and also recognises that pharmacists, and pharmacy teams, in all settings, are at the heart of these solutions.  

We are leaders in patient safety and appropriate medicines use, and we occupy a unique role in the heart of the healthcare team.  As a team, we also possess problem solving, technical, aseptics and procurement skills which were crucial in helping the NHS to react, adapt and cope during the pandemic and to ensure that patients continued to receive their regular medications, as well as novel therapies.  

At this time of significant change, and challenge, in the NHS, it has never been more important to join a trade union.  You can join the GHP here; 

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