Letter to GPhC re Pre-Reg Letter

We have written to the GPhC asking for further clarification on pre-registration training.

Dear Duncan /Brendan,

We are writing to you on behalf of the current pre-registration pharmacists (2019-20) cohort, due to join the register in 2020. On 26 th March, a joint statement was issued from the GPhC and the PSNI to inform current
pre-registration trainees that the registration examinations across the UK would not take place as planned in summer 2020 or autumn 2020. Pre-registration pharmacists were told, at this time, that they would enter the register “provisionally”.

Whilst we understand, and fully support the reasons for this given the current pandemic across the UK, and the interruption in training that this has caused for most trainees, we have had a number of queries from both pre-registration pharmacists and tutors across the UK. These questions include;

  • What does “provisional” registration mean? What would the restrictions be?
  • What will happen come the end of the 52 week training period, will provisionally registered pharmacists remain at their training sites, or should they be applying for jobs?
  • If existing pre-registration candidates will remain in-situ, how will this affect the incoming pre-registration cohort of 2020-21?
  • If existing pre-registration candidates will leave their training posts, and enter employment, how will this affect their roles and salaries when they work as “provisionally” registered pharmacist?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Dr. Roisín O’Hare Bsc(hons) PGCHET MSc DPharm MPSNI(IP) FFRPS
Lead Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist, NI Universities Network /
Cardiology Pharmacist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust
President, Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP).  www.ghp.org.uk 
emails: r.ohare@qub.ac.uk / roisin.ohare@southerntrust.hscni.net

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