GHP statement in support of the COVID-19 vaccination programmes across the UK and the role of the Pharmacist

Dear all

We know that this has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone in the NHS – both at work and at home.  Now we have a National Vaccination programme to implement safely in order to support the UK population to slowly regain some “normality” in time.  As a committee, the GHP Council are supporting the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns now taking place across the UK, and we urge our members to support these initiatives in whatever way that you can.  

This has been a complex process to facilitate safely, and a number of different legal mechanisms exist to support this in the range of NHS and non-NHS bodies that are engaging in vaccination across the UK. There may be a range of ways employers choose to roll out the vaccination of staff and others, whether on NHS sites or in other centres.  We want to support our members to engage safely in the vaccination programmes, and we have used the informationprovided centrally from the NHS, to highlight some things to consider when you are involved in a vaccination programme at your place of work. Find our statement here.  

Wishing you, and your families, a peaceful festive period. 

Thanks, Roisin 

(on behalf of the GHP Council) 

Dr. Roisin O’Hare Bsc(hons) PGCHET MSc DPharm MPSNI(IP) FFRPSLead Teacher Practitioner Pharmacist, NI Universities Network /Cardiology Pharmacist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust
President, Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP). 

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