COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

Updated statement and links to an honorary contract template.

We understand that as pharmacists you may be feeling anxious about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and we wanted to get in touch and offer our support in these challenging times. Across the UK, public health organisations, government health officials and employers are enacting emergency plans to ensure that staff receive the right advice, care and support and that you are able to do your job in these challenging times. We advise that our members refer to the guidance specific to their location as information for e.g. employers, educational and health organisations can vary across the UK.

Pharmacists, as well as other health professionals, are facing an increasing responsibility in their workplaces to support patients across the UK during this pandemic. There is a lot of conflicting information relating to our practice as pharmacists during this period we urge caution as some advice may be out of date by the time you see it. It is important that during this time we all follow national public health advice and strive to follow up to date and evidence based guidance – even as this changes daily.

The GHP are liaising with employers, regulators, government and other pharmacy leadership bodies on a regular basis to address some of your concerns. We also recognise that our members have individual concerns regarding their circumstances and whilst we cannot answer everything in this statement, we have put together a list of FAQs to support you with the queries you have raised.

We recommend that this advice is read in conjunction with the advice drawn up from each of the 4 country governments and the Trade Unions.

Read our FAQs here.

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