Substance misuse is linked with various mental health conditions arising from a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors.
The Guild opted to provide a concise and succinct response to the public consultation on proposed draft standards for Chief
Designated Prescribing Practitioners We recently published our interim position statement on the current status quo for the wide-scale rollout of
The Guild acknowledges the need for focus and consolidation within the pharmacy professional leadership space. The establishment of the new
About Unite the Union Questions for organisations Please explain your answer and provide any evidence you have to support your
Across the UK, all current MPharm undergraduates have transitioned to the reformed MPharm from Sept 2023 except those entering their
A retrospective of 100 years of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists.
QATS The first full Quality Assurance and Technical Services (QATS) symposium since the brunt of the pandemic ran very successfully

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